Ainslee Made Crochet Hooks size 4,5 mm

Ainslee Made 4,5 mm Häkelnadeln

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Handgemachte Häkelnadeln aus Olivenholz

hand carved Olive branch crochet hook

Each hook has been lovingly hand crafted in my shed here in Melbourne Australia, from sustainably grown olive branch and carefully crafted for maximum comfort and usability. They are finished to a smooth, natural un-sealed finish. 

Please note that whilst sizing is accurate, all hooks will vary slightly in shape, texture, length and markings, due to them being carved from real tree branches, making them a truly unique and individual item. 
(pictured item is an example only, to use as a reference for approximate timber colour, texture and size) 

The natural rustic yet smooth finish, provides wonderful aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect addition to your collection as a functional tool.

It is suitable for use with delicates, wool and any yarn including string, twine or cord, making it ideal for any project.

Entirely made by hand in Melbourne, Australia.Ainslee Made Olive Hooks


Material: Olivenholz
Durchmesser Fuß: ca. 4 mm (kann variieren, da handverarbeitetes Naturmaterial)
Höhe: ca. 15 cm