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Das Buch im Taschenformat, erschienen im Pom Pom Verlag, beinhaltet neben allen Strickgrundlagen in englischer Sprache auch 10 Anleitungen um das gelernte gleich umzusetzen. Das Buch ist der perfekte Einstieg für das Stricken von englischen Anleitungen.


From the needles of your favourite quarterly comes the ultimate learn-to-knit book! The only guide a novice will need to start a journey through the world of yarn, Knit How is a friendly and easy-to-use introduction to knitting. Including ten knitting patterns for accessories and garments, along with illustrated techniques and essential top tips for the beginner knitter, all in Pom Pom’s signature style.



knit how features: 1o garment and accessory knitting patterns

using yarns from a variety of yarn producers including

Printed in London, 100% FSC certified uncoated paper, softcover, about 116 pagesIncludes digital download