Toft Ultimate doll Bundle

Ultimate doll Bundle

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The ultimate doll bundle for the ultimate doll crocheter and is a collection of TOFT's luxury yarn to accompany Kerry Lord's latest Edward's Doll Emporium book. The standard sized doll is crocheted in our luxury British wool DK yarn and make a perfect gift for children and adults alike. WARNING: they are addictive!

THIS PROJECT CONTAINS: 600g of TOFT's luxury British wool DK yarn (300g in your choice of skin tone colour, 100g in your choice of hair colour and 200g in your choice of costume colours) and three sets of our doll eyes one each of blue, brown and green.

This bundle is a saving of about € 25,00 compared to buying this collection of yarn and accessories separately.

TOFT RECOMMENDS: The Edward's Doll Emporium book is the perfect accompaniment to this yarn bundle and will give you all the patterns you need to get started with this bundle.

YOU WILL NEED: 3mm crochet hook, toy stuffing, a wool needle and black thread for facial features.


VITAL STATS: This is a yarn only bundle, it does not contain any patterns, please purchase the Edward's Doll Emporium book.

IT WILL TAKE: Approx. 1-5hrs crochet time